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League Rules

    1. The Winston-Salem Adult Soccer League (WSASL) consists of two (2) divisions: the Blue Division and the Green Division.
    2. Divisions are determined by previous season’s standings and balanced accordingly.
    3. Each team will be scheduled to play all teams in their division once during the season.
    4. Points are awarded as follows: Win = 3 pts. Tie = 1 pt., Loss = 0 pts.
    5. Points accumulated during the season will be used to determine next season’s divisions and draft order. Points accumulated in divisional play will determine the Page Cup participants. In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be used to determine a division winner:
      1. Head to Head
      2. Total points for the entire season
      3. Goal deferential (divisional, then for the season)
  2. SPECIAL RULES (The WSASL uses FIFA rules with these exceptions.)
    1. There will be a ten (10) minute interval at halftime.
    2. Substitutions:
      1. Either team may substitute as many players as it wishes on goal kicks, after a goal has been scored, or at halftime.
      2. A team awarded a throw-in may substitute. The opposing team may then substitute if it does so immediately.
      3. Injured players may be replaced. Injured players who cause stoppage of play and cautioned players must be replaced. The opposing team may substitute a like number.
      4. There shall be no substitutions on corner kicks.
    3. A player shall not attempt to play the ball while lying on the ground. (Indirect free kick)
    4. A player shall not tackle or attempt to tackle an opponent from behind, outside the peripheral vision. (Direct free kick)
    5. Each team member shall be allowed to play at least 45 minutes of each game.
    6. Each team shall have at least one (1) female player in the game at all times. If the team is unable to field a female player, the team must play with no more than ten (10) players. If a player is ejected from a game, the team must play with no more than nine (9) players.
    7. A team must field at least seven (7) players to begin or continue a match.
    8. A player given a YELLOW card must leave the field immediately, but may return on the next allowable substitution.
    9. Shin guards, while highly recommended, are not mandatory.
    10. Goalkeepers are not permitted to handle a ball that is played to them by teammates feet.


    1. Any appeals on an official’s decision must be submitted in writing and postmarked, or delivered to a Rules/Appeals Committee member, within 48 hours of the ruling in question. The committee will reach a decision on the appeal before the next scheduled game. In the event that games are scheduled for a Saturday and Sunday, and a ruling is made which prohibits a player from participation in Sunday’s game, every effort will be made to reach a decision before the game. If committee members are not available or a decision cannot be made before Sunday’s game, the player may not participate. All decisions of the Rules/Appeals Committee are final unless overruled by the Board of Directors.
    2. The Board of Directors will arbitrate protests not involving an official’s decision. Protests should be made in writing and postmarked or delivered to the league president within 48 hours of the event being protested.
    1. Referees shall be paid$30/ game for dual system; $30/ game middle and $15/ game linesman for the 3-man system: $60 for single system.
    2. Referees must turn in completed WSASL scorecards after each game. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $5 deducted from the referee’s pay.
    3. Referees and linesman who fail to referee an assigned match, or who fail to give prior notification of cancellation to the Head of Officials at least 24 hours prior to the match shall be fined ½ of a game fee for a first offense, a full game fee for a second offense, and one season suspension from officiating in the WSASL for a third offense. These fines are at the discretion of the Head of Officials.
    4. Referees and linesman shall wear colors that clearly distinguish them from competing teams.
    5. Referees shall be responsible for providing their own equipment. (i. e. whistles, cards, watches, etc.)
    6. Referees and linesman shall be paid at the end of each month during the season. Checks will be given to the Head of Officials and it will be the responsibility of each referee to make arrangements to receive payment.
    1. If a player accumulates three (3) yellow cards in any combination over the course of the season, that player is prohibited from playing the next game.
      1. A red card or two (2) yellow cards in the same game result in immediate dismissal from participation in that game (without substitution) and suspension from the following game.
      2. Two (2) yellow cards received in the same game count as one (1) red card towards the accumulated total for the season.
      3. If a player receives a red card (or 2 yellow cards in the same game) as his/her third card of the season, that player shall be suspended for the next two (2) games.
      4. Cards shall not be carried over from one season to the next, unless a red card is issued during the players last game of the season, that player shall be suspended from his/her first game the following season.
    2. If a player receives two (2) red cards in one season, the Board of Directors will consider suspending the player for the remainder of the season.
    3. If a suspended player participates in a game from which he/she is suspended, he/she shall be suspended from the next two (2) games and his/her team shall forfeit the game in which the player illegally participated.
    4. A player who strikes, pushes or threatens a referee or linesman shall be suspended for one calendar year from the date of the offense.

    A referee or team captain may request a more severe penalty for a carded player, including league suspension. The request must be submitted in writing to the league president within one (1) week of the incident in question.

  6. A. Awards shall be presented at the end of each season as follows:
      1. Page Cup—to the regular season champion
      2. Lester Gross Memorial Tournament—to the tournament winner
    1. Individual awards shall be given to the team members of the Page Cup and Lester Gross Tournament team members.
    2. Rotating trophies that are passed on from season to season are the responsibility of the team holding the trophies. Holders are financially responsible in case of loss or damage to these trophies.
    1. Regular season play will normally be on Saturdays. Games may be occasionally scheduled for Sundays, usually to make up rainouts or for end-of-season tournaments.
    2. The Page Cup game will be played between the winners of the two (2) divisions on Saturday at 1:30 pm on Field 1 on the last weekend of the regular season. The two teams scheduled to play the Page Cup participants will play each other at the 11:30 time slot. The Page Cup game will determine the regular season champion.
    3. A random draw, single elimination tournament will be played on the weekend(s) following the last regular season game. The only exceptions to the random draw are that the team scheduled to line the fields shall automatically play in one of the 9:30am matches, and the two (2) Page Cup participants shall be placed in separate brackets.
    4. The season will normally start on the last Saturday in February (Spring) and August (Fall) and continue through the weekends preceding Memorial Day weekend (Spring) and Thanksgiving weekend (Fall).
    5. A season will normally consist of ten (10) games and a tournament unless extenuating circumstances prevail.
    6. Captains will be notified of rainouts by 8:30am on game days by the President, Field’s Coordinator, or Head of Officials. If uncertain about the status of you game, call your captain. Games will be made up on the next rain date on the bottom of the schedule.

    Schedule changes may not be made unless agreed at least one (1) week in advance by both captains, the league President and the Head of Officials.

    1. Board meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month, unless there is a holiday, in which case the meeting will be held on the following Monday. The Board will not meet in January or July.
    2. Draft meetings will be held the Monday preceding the first game of the season in August and February. Supplemental drafts will take place at the regular Board meetings.
    3. Board and Draft meetings shall be held at Polo Park Recreation Center, and will begin promptly at 7:00pm.
    4. A captain who misses more than two (2) meetings in a season without informing the president or providing a substitute may be removed from the Board. The team will then be required to choose a new captain. In addition, if a team is not represented at two (2) Board meetings in a season, they will forfeit their first-round draft choice in the next draft.
    5. Other Board of Directors procedure and responsibilities are detailed in the WSASL Bylaws.
    1. Each team is responsible for securing its own uniforms either through sponsorship or in individual purchase.
    2. The president must approve new uniform color schemes.
    3. Teams may solicit companies to sponsor them in order to cover the cost of uniforms.
    4. A team is permitted one (1) spot on their roster for a sponsor player, as long as the following criteria are met:
      1. The player is currently employed by or owns the business sponsoring the team.
      2. There is a display of sponsorship (i.e. new uniforms) within one (1) full season (6 months) of naming the sponsor, unless the Board due to special circumstances grants special permission.
      3. There is not currently a member of the team already filling the "sponsor-player" spot from a previous sponsor.
    1. Captains have both field and administrative responsibilities. These responsibilities may be divided or delegated, if desired.
      1. Field responsibilities include:
        1. Promoting sportsmanship in attitudes towards referees and opponents.
        2. Ensuring fair substitution practices.
        3. Maintaining a working knowledge of league rules and FIFA laws.
      2. Administrative responsibilities include:
        1. Attending all WSASL Board of Director and Draft meetings, or providing a replacement.
        2. Ensuring that all returning team members from the prior two (2) seasons have been contacted about registration deadlines and the start of the current season.
        3. Keeping player data, such as address and phone number info, current with the Registration Committee.
        4. Contacting all new players before the season begins.
        5. Keeping the team up to date on league information.
        6. Providing assistance to league officers in carrying out their duties.
        7. Ensuring that each team member is provided with a uniform.
        8. Maintaining liaison with the team sponsor.
    1. League parties will be held each month during the regular season, usually on Saturdays from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.
    2. League members, families, and a limited number of guests are invited to attend.
    3. Dates and locations will be arranged and announced by the Social Chairman at the beginning of each season.
    4. The league will provide food, soft drinks and beer. It is the responsibility of every league member to ensure that no person under the age of 21 consumes any alcohol provided by the league.
    1. Registration is open to all men and women 18 years of age or older.
    2. Registration is accomplished when a league official has processed the registration form and fees. The registration form must be filled out completely and correctly. Willful falsification may result in the applicant’s being suspended from league play.
    3. New and returning players may register by turning in completed forms and payment at Soccer Unlimited, or by mailing them to the league’s post office box. Forms may also be turned into a league officer, but that player may not participate until the form is processed. Returning players may turn in their forms at the fields, but they MAY NOT participate until the form is processed, unless granted special permission by the league President or member of the Registration Committee, if the President is not available. If a player participates illegally, he/she is barred from the next two (2) games and the team shall forfeit the game in which he/she participated.
    4. Returning players and former players who return after no more than one (1) season off will be assigned to the team for which they last played, unless they request otherwise. Players returning after more than one (1) season off will be placed in the draft unless special permission is granted due to extenuating circumstances. (i.e. injury, pregnancy)
    5. All new players registering after the first supplemental draft shall receive a $10 discount on the league dues since they will only be able to participate in a partial season.
    6. All registration forms not received or postmarked before the registration deadline must have a $10 late fee included in the registration fee. The form will not be processed and the player will remain ineligible until the fee is paid.
    1. Participation:
      1. All teams must have representation at the draft meetings to ensure that the procedure moves in sequence and is conducted fairly.
      2. If a team has a current roster of 18 or more players and meets requirements dictated by special situations, it is no obligated to select from the open draft. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, make exceptions to this rule.
      3. All draft meetings will take place the week prior to the first game of the season.
      4. Draft meetings begin at 7:00pm.


    2. Sequence:
      1. Draft selections will begin in sequence, beginning with the lowest ranking team and proceeding to the highest-ranking team, based on the previous season’s results in each round.
      2. Teams who failed to have a representative at two (2) or more meetings the prior season will forfeit their first round pick.
      3. A team may either select a player or pass when its turn comes up in the selection order.
      4. There will be a special round between the second and third rounds in which only women and married couples may be selected. Women and couples may be selected in earlier rounds if the team representative chooses to do so.
      5. If there are still players left in the draft after all team representatives have "passed", the remaining players will be placed on the teams with the fewest number of players, if that number is less than twenty (20). If two (2) or more teams have the same number of players, the team(s) will be randomly selected (coin toss, draw straws) to pick up the remaining players.
    1. All persons registering after the open draft will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which their forms were received. Teams at the end of each board meeting will draft these players. The guidelines of the supplemental draft are as follows:
        1. Bidding chips:
          1. Each team will be allocated a number of chips based on their order of finish the prior season as decided by the Registration Committee.
          2. Teams will receive two (2) bonus chips for perfect meeting attendance the prior season.
        2. Player selection:
          1. Player’s names are read off the list in the order in which their form was received.
          2. Teams bid on players with their available chips. Bidding may start at 0 chips.
          3. A team that finished lower than another may match the other team’s bid for a player. (Example: Team A bids 3 chips. Team B finished behind Team A last season, so Team B can also bid 3 ships and acquire the player if no more bidding takes place.)
          4. Highest bidder receives the player.
          5. If there is no bidding for a player, the player will be placed on the team with the fewest number of players (under 20) following the same guidelines as the Open Draft.
          6. Disbursement ends when either the waiting list is empty, when all teams have at least twenty (20) players on their roster, or when no team wishes to bid on the next player on the waiting list.
          7. In the event that there are still players left on the waiting list, the players will be contacted by a member of the Registration Committee and offered either a refund or a deferment to next season’s open draft.
        3. The Registration Committee will maintain a current list of each team’s unspent chips





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